Digital Marketing In India

Digital Marketing

The marketing of items or services utilizing computerized channels to achieve customers. The key goal is to advance brands through different types of computerized media.

Digital marketing extends past web promoting to incorporate channels that don’t require the utilization of the web. It incorporates cell phones (the two SMS and MMS), social media marketing, show publicizing, web crawler advertising, and some other type of advanced media.

Most specialists trust that ‘advanced’ isn’t simply one more channel for promoting. It requires another way to deal with showcasing and another comprehension of client conduct. For instance, it expects organizations to break down and evaluate the estimation of downloads of applications on cell phones, tweets on Twitter, prefers on Facebook, etc

Scope Of Digital Marketing In India

The primary thing that digital marketing doesn’t approach is the particular degree for any employment in digital marketing. Along these lines, it prefers the best open door for the individuals who are keen on advanced and need to make big from it

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With the help of the graph, we can analyze the number of jobs and salary per month. Let’s see what graph wants to describe us:-

Marketing type                     No. of jobs available                 Average salary

Content marketing                btw 120k to 140k                    approx 50k                 
Digital marketing                  btw 110k to 120k                     btw 30k to 40k                                       
Email marketing                   approx 160k                             approx 30k
Social media                           btw 170k to 210k                     30k
SEO marketing                       btw 10k to 150k                      approx 50k
Digital Marketing
       manager                           approx 60k                              approx 60k   

As we can see scope of digital marketing in India is so intense.


Insights even say that there in excess of 600 million individuals in India who are dynamic in social media life. This check will just increment as opposed to diminishing. Which makes the organizations progressively important to get connected in the digital platform.

The overview additionally thinks that 65% of the general population living in Indian Urban are dependent on the internet stage. While on the opposite side 25% of the country individuals have simple access to the internet. Consistently there is a development of 27.5% — 40% in digital marketing which a large portion of the organizations depending on.

Why companies use Digital Marketing Strategies

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1- More Advanced Analytics

Digital Marketing examination empowers advertisers to evaluate the execution of their promoting activities and educates future basic leadership by giving deep insight into customer behavior
With regards to building and maintaining an effective business in any specialty, there are sure components that turned out to be to a greater degree a need than a negligible need. Having a site is one of these components since it has turned into an important part of the modern day marketing biological system
Without a proper site in place, you would not have access to critical analytics data. Which would, in turn, result in a lost business that cannot be regained.

2- More Cost Effective

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Even with a small budget digital marketing can work with great returns. Three of the most cost-effective methods are shown below:-

Social Media

If your business has a small budget, Don’t worry….. Using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter remain the best possible way to target your specific demographics based on Interest, Behaviour, and Segmentation. By using the right influencer and highly targeted post, companies get to choose who sees their ads


Retargeting is the most important process for building an audience. At the point when a user at first visits your site, they may not be reliably helped to remember your image until you’re ready to reconnect them. It helps to allow you to focus on advertising spends on clients you already have some degree of interest. It’s keeping your company at the forefront of customer’s mind.

Email Marketing

It is the process of sending a commercial message. Every email sent to the potential and current customer could be considered as email marketing. The main purpose of sending email to growth the relationship of a merchant with its current and previous customer and to encourage customer loyalty and repeat business. With the help of email marketing, you can increase brand awareness.

3- Tracking

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A big benefit of digital marketing is the ability to track result. You can follow your audience to see what type of information they value, how much time they spend looking at your content, and what incentives they act upon. There are some benefits:-

  • Conversion optimization
  • Track Customer’s entire journey
  • Analyze and adapt easily
  • Become more competitive

4- Multimedia

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Customer wants to engage more with marketing material that combines different type of content, include photos, videoclips and audio. It is far easier to incorporate all these content type into digital marketing than any other type of publicity- and it is vital. It also used to communicate a business message on multiledia platform. In the present online condition, the key utilization of sight and sound has turned out to be progressively imperative. Sight and sound can help catch your gathering of people’s consideration and increment the likelihood of their commitment. At the point when interactive media is made considering a particular technique, it tends to be re-purposed and utilized over different promoting channels. This vital utilization of interactive media can enable your organization to emerge from the challenge and increment the proficiency of your substance generation.

Future of Digital Marketing In INDIA

India is the second largest online market ranked in behind China.

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This graph shows how speedly mobile internet user and messaging app user increase day by day in India.

Digital Marketing will remain as most effective and result-oriented in 2020 also, and some of my observation on current and future outlook of 3 key channel that will play a key role in deciding future of digital marketing is-


A large part of Seo is creating valuable, high-quality content ( blog article and web page article) that your target audience will find helpful. Over time, this result increased your organic website. SEO made up of on-page and off-page(onsite and offsite) activities as its two main pillar

  • Optimized meta data
  • Optimized page speed
  • Social sharing integration
  • Well formatted page URL
  • Link Building
  • Social signal
  • Attracting attention about social bookmarking


Modern user prefers to view video content on company promo. Video Marketing is using video to promote or market your brand, product or service. When a visual content is well produced to communicate the message in an interactive way. Strong marketing incorporates video into the customer testimonials, videos from live events.

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Current Outlook of Video Marketing in customer engagement- 37% 
Future Outlook of Video Marketing in customer engagement- 69%

Video Marketing is so powerful way that companies use for

  • Build trust on brand
  • Encourage social service
  • Brand Recall
  • Better versatility

 3- Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing is a form of internet marketing that involves creating and sharing content, videos and photos on social media sites in order to acheive your marketing and branding goals.

One of the key point of SMM is social media optimization (SMO). It is a strategy for drawing new and unique visitors to a website.

Social Media Marketing helps a company get direct feedback from the customer while making the company seem more personable.


Digital marketing in India is so glaring. Because as we know every person wants digitally in this contemporary time. Nowadays if you don’t know how to use the internet then you are unskilled, it doesn’t matter if you get a big degree

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